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12444 Venice Blvd FINAL HEARING

Posted on 08/22/17

The Mar Vista Community Council voted to oppose the proposed development at 12444 Venice Boulevard. A hearing on the development, possibly the last one, will be held downtown in the Ronald F. Deaton Civic Auditorium, 100 West 1st Street, on Tuesday, August 22nd at 2 p.m. Click here to see the hearing notification.

Below is an email from Councilmember Mike Bonin's office explaining where we are in the process : 

Dear Neighbor,

Councilmember Bonin continues to fight against the proposed development at 12444 Venice (DIR-2016-304-DB-SPR). As he has said publicly for more than a year, the project is too tall for the area and will tower over adjacent and nearby one-, two-, and three-story buildings. 

Councilmember Bonin is disappointed that the City Planning Commission did not side with the community and require the project's height to be meaningfully reduced. Despite this, he continued the fight for community preservation, and with the support of his colleagues, the City Council took jurisdiction over of the project. A public hearing before the City Council's Planning and Land Use Management Committee and will occur on August 22, 2017. Please see the notice attached to this email. (MVCC Note : there is no attachment to this email, meeting details are at the top).

It is important to note that State law strictly limits how much discretionary ability the City has in evaluating this project. In order to encourage more housing, the State has given developers the ability -- under certain circumstances -- to get exemptions from City rules regarding height, density, and parking. The developer here has applied for a project that takes advantage of these State rules. Nevertheless, the Councilmember believes that the project is too tall for the proposed location, given that project could end up being one of the tallest buildings on Venice Boulevard from downtown to the ocean, and Councilmember Bonin is committed to using every tool at his disposal to ensure neighbors are protected from the effects of a project that is not right for the community. 

Please show your support for downsizing the project by sharing this email and attending the hearing next week. Alternatively, please continue to send your email correspondences to Zina Cheng ( with the City Clerk and Connie Chauv ( with the Department of City Planning. Only through continued advocacy will we be able to affect meaningful change.


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