Zone Reports [In development]

[MVCC is developing a new feature (see below) on to better connect our zone directors to their district. Additional content will be added as we develop the "zone report" feature. Thanks for your patience.]

Zone Reports

MVCC is divided into six zones/districts (see map) to help better connect and represent the various neighborhoods in our larger community.

Zone directors can help direct stakeholders to the most appropriate resources to help answer questions or to resolve issues.

And by staying connected with your zone director, you as a stakeholder can help ensure that your neighborhood council is better informed about important local activities, events, issues and concerns.

Whenever possible/appropriate, each director will post a monthly report highlighting key events, issues, accomplishments and activities in their zone/district. Please click on the relevant zone to read the latest report.

Stakeholders may contact their zone director via their email address below or by emailing

Meet your Zone Directors:

Zone/District 1
Babak Nahid |
Read the latest report

Zone/District 4
Tara Mulski |
Read the latest report

Zone/District 2

Bill Koontz |
Read the latest report

Zone/District 5

Maritza Przekop |
Read the latest report

Zone/District 3

Kate Anderson |
Read the latest report

Zone/District 6

Marilyn Marble |
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