Attachment #1 / 6(a)  SMCBC Resolution


Draft 1-02-05




WHEREAS, The Mar Vista Community Council (MVCC) recognizes the important role Santa Monica Community College District (SMCCD) has in higher education in the region, and therefore wishes to work with SMCCD in order to meet the educational needs of the Westside, but not to the detriment of MVCC Stakeholders,


WHEREAS, SMCCD has purchased approximately 10.2 acres of land and existing buildings in Mar Vista, which is located in the City of Los Angeles, for use as a satellite campus (Bundy Campus) to be used by Santa Monica College (SMC) and for free remote parking for students and College personnel who will be bused to and from SMCs other campuses,


WHEREAS, the Bundy Campus, is bounded by The City of Santa Monica on the north, Bundy Drive on the east, Stewart Avenue and a residential neighborhood on the west and a residential neighborhood on the south,


WHEREAS, the Bundy Campus has been annexed to the SMCCD without adequate notice to the residents of Mar Vista,


WHEREAS, The Bundy Drive driveway on the east is presently the only open means of ingress and egress to the Bundy Campus, while two gates onto Airport Avenue, which were previously used by BAE Systems, (The Bundy Campus previous occupant) and the Stewart Avenue Gate remain closed.


WHEREAS, SMC has repeatedly promised that the Stewart Avenue Gate, which opens out into a residential neighborhood, will remain permanently closed to pedestrian and vehicular traffic, except for use by governmental emergency vehicles for emergency purposes only and that there will be no other access to the Bundy Campus from or to Stewart Avenue.


WHEREAS, the development of the Bundy Campus probably will prove to be highly detrimental to the well-being of a large portion of the neighborhoods in Mar Vista,


LET IT THEREFOR BE RESOLVED that the Board of Directors of the MVCC hereby request that the Board of Trustees of SMCCD adopt the following resolution:


1. SMCCD shall by legally binding and enforceable deed restriction ensure that Stewart Avenue and the Stewart Avenue Gate remain permanently closed for all pedestrian and vehicular ingress and egress to and from the Bundy Campus, except for use by governmental emergency vehicles for emergency purposes only. 


2. SMCCD shall support the prohibition of off-campus parking by limiting enrollment and staff at the Bundy Campus to presently existing capacity and shall not establish the Bundy Campus as an offsite parking facility for the main SMC Campus and other satellite campuses and shall actively support efforts to prohibit overflow parking into the MVCC Neighborhoods.


3. SMCCD shall implement traffic control measures and enter into an Access Agreement acceptable to and with the participation of residents of adjacent neighborhoods to prevent SMC-related traffic from intruding into these residential neighborhoods and shall not permit buses to operate within the boundaries of the Bundy Campus.


4. SMCCD shall be responsible for loss or damage caused by students and SMC personnel on neighborhood streets and adjacent residential neighborhoods.


5. SMCCD shall complete and enter into a Site Access Plan acceptable to MVCC, Santa Monica Airport and other stakeholders to ensure that long term-term planning goals are understood and agreed to by all parties.


6.SMCCD shall implement traffic control measures with the participation of residents of adjacent neighborhoods to prevent SMC-related traffic from intruding into these residential neighborhoods.


7.SMCCD shall not include in its Campus Planning for Future Use any onsite or offsite                 Construction of Buildings and Parking Structures without the submission of a completed Campus Master Plan and Environmental Impact Report meeting full CEQA requirements for the entire Project to Mar Vista Residents and the 11MVCC Board at least 120 days prior to any public written notice of intent.


8.The MVCC opposes any issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy for any other building on the SMC Bundy Campus Site until a completed Master Plan and Full Environmental Impact Report for the Project  are completed in compliance with applicable law.


9.The MVCC rejects the findings and conclusions of the current Mitigated Negative Declaration for the Renovation Project of West Building #4.


10.The MVCC rejects all proposed alternatives  by Kaku Associates for the Bundy Campus that include any parking structure(s) and/or any additional parking lots or additional parking.


11. The MVCC rejects all proposed alternatives by Kaku Associates for the Bundy Campus that include the installation of any traffic signals at the Bundy Drive driveway access and supports the     Los Angeles City Department of Transportation limitation of the use of that driveway to the 14 car parking lot in front of Building #2.


12. The MVCC supports Airport Avenue as the safest and  most viable access to the Bundy Campus and recommends to the Cities of Santa Monica and Los Angeles that every measure be taken to support access for cars and buses between the SMC Bundy Campus and Airport  Avenue with buses being  prohibited from driveways and other areas adjacent to residential neighborhoods.