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How do I get Involved In MVCC?

Posted on 12/14/16

Event Date 12/06/16
Mar Vista Community Council

MVCC relies on the contributions and involvement of individual members of our community. Wondering how to get involved? Come to a meeting...join a committee...volunteer for something.
Any MVCC stakeholder who attends any MVCC committee is by definition a voting member of that committee, so you can immediately make a difference in our community! In addition to originating and vetting policy motions for the Board of Directors, our committees perform many other community services. 

  • Community Outreach seeks to build community...and also maintains this website
  • Education, Arts & Culture is dedicated to improving our entire community's quality of life through enhanced education, arts & culture
  • Executive & Finance membership is limited to the elected MVCC officers, but stakeholders are welcome to attend meetings and provide public comment
  • Elections & Bylaws is concerned with the rules that govern MVCC operation and Board of Directors election
  • Green is focused on increasing environmental awareness and sustainable living practices via the Green Tent and other outreach efforts
  • Homeless Isuues deals with all issues that resolve around homelessness in our community and performs homeless outreach
  • Planning & Land Use Management promotes community input and involvement in local development projects
  • Recreation and Open Space Enhancement works to enhance availability and quality of open space and recreational opportunities
  • Public Health and Safety works to enhance safety and improve emergency preparedness
  • Airports addresses LAX and Santa Monica Airport issues
  • Transportation and Infrastructure works to redress issues raised by the community regarding traffic, transportation and infrastgructure
  • FIre Station 62 Ad-Hoc explores as a community the best future used of the ole Fire Station 62 on Centinela
  • Great Streets Ad-Hoc works with stakeholders, electeds and government agencies on the planning & development of our Great Street on Venice Blvd.
  • Bicycle Ad-Hoc bring bicyclists in our community together and promotes bike-riding infrastructure

Checkout the Committee pages on this website and see which ones call out to you. Do you have a passion that's not represented? Talk to us.

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