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American Cancer Society at the Green Tent

Posted on 06/29/14

Event Date 06/29/14

The American Cancer Society has worked to finish the fight against cancer for 101 years.  Unfortunately, there is probably not one person in our community that hasn’t been affected by cancer directly or indirectly. We are excited to have ACS Staff partner, Ashley Millhouse, this Sunday at the Green Tent with some tips from the American Cancer Society on how to live a healthier life by fighting off cancer and helping keep our environment clean. 


Stop by and play the shocking “What’s In a Cigarette?” activity. It displays common household items (with very unnatural chemicals) and participants GUESS which item’s derivative is actually found in a cigarette. The common reaction: Ewww! And Gross!!! This is a family-friendly activity that teaches children and adults the harmful components of cigarettes and their devastating effects on not only the human body, but the environment. Ashley will also feature a “True or False” quiz on the myths or facts you may have heard about e-cigarrettes. 
Ashley is also presenting “Summer Sun Safety” featuring the proud ACS sponsor, Dermalogica Sunscreen. According to the latest ACS research, skin cancer is both the most common and most preventable type of cancer. It affects people of all ages and all skin tones. Grab Ashley’s great fact sheet and take the “Summer Sun Safety” quiz to learn how to protect your kids when swimming in the pool or playing outside from the sun’s harmful UV rays. 
You can also get more information about the Relay For Life walk-a-thon on August 16th 10:00pm at Mar Vista Park. Relay For Life is the signature fundraiser for American Cancer Society and helps honor survivors and caregivers. Honorary Chair Bill Rosendahl is leading the charge for the FIRST Relay For Life in Mar Vista & West LA. 
American Cancer Society is excited to present] ways your families can FIGHT BACK against cancer and encourage cancer prevention. Your family’s health is their top priority and it is time to look at the ways our actions not only affect the environment, but also affect your personal health. If you would like to learn more about how ACS can do health presentations to your office, church, school group- you can reach her at [email protected]  

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