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Chair:  Christine Stemar

The mission of the Mar Vista Community Council’s Committee on Public Health and Safety is to assist stakeholders in elevating the quality of life, enhancing safety, and improving emergency preparedness within the community. The committee does this by encouraging personal responsibility and through cooperation with public and private-sector agencies having jurisdiction over the community.

The Comittee meets every month on the 1st Thursday at 6:pm. During the Mayor's "Stay At Home" order, meetings will held via Zoom.  Please check the MVCC website for Zoom instructions. Please check the MVCC Calendar for the Agenda, extra meeting material, and/or if the meeting has been changed or cancelled.

National Preparedness Month: This week is “Make a Plan to Prepare for Disasters."  By planning now, you will take the guess-work out of the hectic early minutes and hours when a disaster is happening, and feel more ready to stay safe when disasters occur.

  • Have a conversation with your loved ones about what to do when an emergency occurs.
  • Discuss how to evacuate from your home, and where you would meet.
  • Learn about the plans that are in place where you and your loved ones spend your time, such as
    • school
    • work
    • day care
    • religious facilities
  • Remember your pet(s), plan now for evacuation and their specific needs so that they can stay safe and comfortable during disasters.
    • Make a list of the specific supplies, e.g., extra food, water, carriers/leashes, vaccination records.
    • Determine some potential locations where your pets can safely stay, like a vet's office, friend's house, or pet-friendly hotel.
  • Wildfire areas should make a plan for quick evacuation.
    • Make a list of any supplies you may want to grab at the last minute.
    • Decide where you will meet after evacuation.
  • Learn how the City will communicate with you during an emergency by visiting
  • Use this guidebook with checklists and worksheets to help you get started.

People with disabilities and others with access and functional needs also need to adapt their plans based on their specific needs.  Work with your care providers to determine the best ways to stay safe if the power goes out or it is challenging to travel. Think about any supplies that may be needed, and practice the plan together. Begin by using this Resource Guide.

Upcoming Events and Information


                                                                                                                                                                         Don’t be caught unprepared!

2020 hindsight does you no good when disaster strikes.

2020 Foresight: Neighborhood Team Program (NTP)

That’s why Palms Neighborhood Council/PepC and Westside Village Homeowners Association (WVHA) organized 2020 Foresight: Neighborhood Team Program (NTP) a four-part preparedness skills training program for all residents of our community. Instructors are experienced CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) volunteers trained by the LAFD and the free classes are open to CERT-trained and non-CERT-trained participants.

Each session will be held on the first Wednesday night of March, April, and May, from 6:30 to 7:45pm

In the Community Room of the Palms Rancho branch library, 2920 Overland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90064 at National Blvd, just North of the 10 freeway.
There is free parking in the adjacent lot.

March 4 - “Disaster First Aid and Triage”

Instructor Marci Sandell, a long-time CERT member, has taught CPR/AED for the American Heart Association more than 40 years. Additionally, she is retired an EMT (emergency medical technician), radiographer (X-ray), and mammography technician. On any given day, Marci can be found giving her highly regarded “How to Prepare” and “Disaster First Aid” presentations to audiences who experience her own brand of irreverent humor that has them in stitches while learning how to save a life.

Additional NTP sessions are scheduled on the first Wednesday of each of the next two months in the same time slot and location as follows:
April 1 – “Search & Rescue”
May 6 – “Two-Way Radio Communications”

We also are planning a concluding hands-on radio/search and rescue exercise on a weekend morning in June (date TBD) to practice the skills learned in the previous NTP sessions. This drill will be held in front of Palms Middle School, 10860 Woodbine St, Los Angeles, CA 90034, and vicinity in Westside Village.

Watch for further details.

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See above for the most current dates and times. Remember everyone is invited!


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