Bi-Monthly LADOT/CD11/LAPD Traffic Subcommittee: External City Committee

Chair:  Albert Olson

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Although this committee is not an official committee of the Mar Vista Community Council, it is a very unique and important organization in the Mar Vista community, and is provided with a committee page on the MVCC website in order to facilitate its work for our community.  Albert Olson is currently the liaison to this committee from the MVCC, and is the Chair of the committee.

Please Note:  At the July 14, 2010 meeting of this Committee it was announced by LADOT that they would not be able to continue attending these meetings in the future because of severe budget and staff cuts.  However, after further discussion, an agreement has been reached with LADOT that its West District engineer will attend the Mar Vista Bi-Monthly Traffic Committee meetings, but LADOT-related Agenda items will be presented first and after they are discussed, the LADOT representative may leave the meeting while the rest of the Agenda is discussed.   The meeting will not be open to public attendance but will be attended only by the LADOT, CD11, and LAPD representatives, and the MVCC Liaison.  They will discuss Agenda items, complaints and requests submitted to the Committee Chair prior to the meeting by Mar Vista stakeholders and other interested persons.  The Agendas and the Minutes of the meetings will be posted on this website.

To read the reasons for LADOT's July 14, 2010 announcement, please click here to go to the Minutes for this meeting.  By scrolling to page 3, you will find a section titled: Discussion Re:  Future Committee Meetings.  Additionally, click here to find a LADOT Menu of Services for fiscal year 2010-2011, followed by a list of services discontinued for fiscal year 2010-2011.


The Mar Vista Bi-Monthly LADOT/CD11/LAPD Traffic Committee meets bi-monthly, on the third Wednesday of every second month, at Councilman Mike Bonin's West Los Angeles office, to consider, discuss and attempt to resolve issues raised by Mar Vista stakeholders who are concerned about traffic matters within the purview of the LADOT, Council District 11, and the LAPD's Community Traffic Services Unit, such as:

1.  Traffic lights, lighted signals, posted street signs and other street markers,
2.  Pedestrian and vehicle safety issues,
3.  Compliance with and enforcement of posted truck weight limits on residential streets,
4.  Parking issues on residential streets,
5.  Vehicle and pedestrian safety concerns due to street, sidewalk, and vegetation maintenance issues,

Similar and different problems and issues may arise in the future which are within the scope of this Committee, whose purpose is to hear, discuss and try to remedy neighborhood traffic-related concerns of the community's residents.  Future unique issues may come up which do not fit in the above categories but do fit the Committee's scope and purpose.

Meetings are attended by representatives of LADOT, CD11, LAPD, and the MVCC Liaison, who is Chair of the Committee.  Issues are addressed by one or more of the appropriate personnel, with all LADOT-related items now presented first.  Issues are sometimes referred to other agencies or entities for resolution, or continued to the next meeting for follow-up and resolution.  Unresolved Agenda items are continued for progress reports under Old Business at the next meeting(s), or may be tabled for future discussion at another appropriate time.  New items are added to the Agenda as received.  The final Agenda is closed 1 week prior to the meeting, sent to the Representatives who will attend the meeting and to persons with an interest in certain Agenda items, and posted on this website. Any items received after closing are deferred to the next meeting two months hence.

The meeting Notice is sent out at least two weeks before the meeting date so that persons wishing to place items on the Agenda have an opportunity to e-mail their concerns to the Committee Chair before the Agenda closes.  However, any item involving urgent safety concerns but received too late for inclusion on the Agenda may be e-mailed to the Committee Chair, at whose discretion the matter may be referred to an appropriate agency or entity for immediate handling.  At the meeting, an attendance sheet is signed by those present, and the meeting proceeds according to the Agenda.  However, any of the attending Representatives may add to or comment on the Agenda, or any of its items, adding an appropriate or related issue, or an urgent safety matter, or a concern which needs immediate attention and cannot wait for the next meeting.  The Minutes of the meeting are drafted and posted on this website as soon as possible.

Regular Meeting Times and Locations

Council District 11 West Los Angeles Office 1645 Corinth Ave., Room 201

Meetings (Agendas, Minutes, Documents)

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