Zone 2

The boundaries of Zone 2 are: South of the 10 Freeway, North of National Boulevard, East of Centinela Avenue, and West of the 405 Freeway. Open the PDF Map of Zone 2 below for a more detailed look.

Zone 2 Director- Martin Rubin - ‭

Introducing ONLINE ZONE REPORTS FOR ZONE 2 By Martin Rubin – Zone 2 Director - July 12, 2023.

Scroll down to the PDF files to view the Zone 2 Reports below, that include the Zone 2 monthly crime reports.

First, some background about me:

• Zone 2 area resident for more than 40 years

• 22 years as Director of Concerned Residents Against Airport Pollution; leading the effort against SMO and LAX air pollution and noise pollution.

• Member of the Mar Vista Community Council (MVCC) forming group

• MVCC Zone 2 Director for four years

• North Westdale Neighborhood Association (NWNA) President for nine years

My background gives me a thorough perspective regarding the development of the MVCC from its inception. Neighborhood Councils (NCs), which the MVCC is one of about 100 NCs, were developed to be advisory to L.A. City officials about local stakeholder concerns. To properly relay local stakeholder concerns, communication is of the upmost importance.

When I first decided on being a candidate to represent Zone 2, I felt I could help in guiding the MVCC toward better communication. Over the years I have emphasized the importance of outreach and having a website that is clear and user friendly.

A clear set of Bylaws and Standing Rules were also necessary for the MVCC to operate efficiently and civilly. As Chair of the MVCC Election and Bylaws Committee, along with my excellent Vice Chair Holly Tilson, great progress was made on the Bylaws, the Standing Rules and the methodology on submitting requested changes to the Committee.

A properly functioning NC is the groundwork for communicating local concerns to Los Angeles City through our Los Angeles City Councilmember. It is also of the upmost importance that our elected City Councilmember communicates with the NCs in their Council District (CD); ours being CD 11. Without the two-way communication, the NCs can’t fulfill their mission.

Recently, I requested that there should be a location on our MVCC website for Zone Directors to submit Zone reports. Over the years I have been on the Board of Directors (BOD), BOD Meeting agendas have not been able to get to Zone reports, and that has been troublesome to me. Sending in written reports to be placed in the minutes would not give stakeholders easy access to these reports. Hopefully, Zone Directors and stakeholders will take advantage of this new location to submit and to read Zone reports.

I want to especially thank Kathryn Wheeler (former Outreach Committee Chair and former BOD Chair), as well as Carolyn Honda (Present Outreach committee Chair), for their work on improving the MVCC website.

As always, I urge you, the stakeholders to get involved. Your voice is needed. 

Schools located within Zone 2


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