Outreach Committee

February 2021 - Bus Bench Advertising!

Throughout Mar Vista are seven bus benches that bear the seal and charter of the MVCC. To view all locations, CLICK HERE for the PDF or see Resources below. The report is from the company that provides these free of rental fees and only charges for the printing of the ad. Let us know what you think. Email the Outreach Chair at Kathryn.Wheeler@MarVista.org. Thank you!

Outreach Community Plan Survey

Find out more about the statistically accurate survey for Mar Vista that has a Confidence Level of 99% and less than 4.4% Margin of Error. Visit MarVIsta.org/survey. You may download the report HERE as well as under Resources on this page. Thank you!


To create and disseminate content through traditional, social, and electronic media that educates and informs Mar Vista stakeholders of the Mar Vista Community Council; including, but not limited to, increasing awareness of and participation in its functions, duties, and decisions.


The Outreach Committee is dedicated to reaching Mar Vista stakeholders—like you!

"Local engagement is important because no one understands a neighborhood better than the people who live, work and play there." ~ EmpowerLA


Are you a social person? Like to help people? Savvy with technology? Want to create/design? Well, sounds like joining Outreach is for you!

Please contact me, Kathryn, to find that perfect spot for you! Never hesitate to reach out with any questions, concerns, or ideas–all are welcome!



MarVista.org uses Web Content Accessibility 2.0 that provides our website to be translated into your language. There is a translation button at the top of every page for your convenience. Our Weekly Roundup also has a similar button.

Translate.Google.Com (and its App) provide the technology to have any .doc, .docx, .odf, .pdf, .ppt, .pptx, .ps, .rtf, .txt, .xls, or .xlsx translated in to your language.

With today's technology, everyone can participate in the Mar Vista Community Council. Please, feel welcome.


This committee meets monthly, and may hold additional meetings. All attending Stakeholders are voting members of the committee. The public is welcome to make comment during the Public Comment period. Check our Calendar for meeting days/times and the agenda. There will only be a meeting if an agenda has been posted 72 hours beforehand.

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Regular Meeting Times and Locations

Until further notice, all meetings will be held online via Zoom.

You can use this link to join our regularly scheduled Outreach Committee meetings, which are on the first Thursday of the month starting at 6:30PM: https://zoom.us/j/98973758618

Meeting ID: 989 7375 8618

Dial in: (720) 707-2699 or (346) 248-7799

Here are the instructions on how to join a Zoom meeting: MarVista.org/remote

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