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Bi-Monthly LADOT/CD11/LAPD Traffic: External City Committee

Although this committee is not an official committee of the Mar Vista Community Council, it is a very unique and important organization in the Mar Vista community, and is provided with a committee page on the MVCC website in order to facilitate its work for our community.  Albert Olson was the liaison to this committee from the MVCC, and was the Chair of the committee.

Data Liaison

  • Not Filled

Data Liaisons are appointed by their Neighborhood Council and will be trained by the Department and the Office of the Mayor Eric Garcetti. Equipped with their new skills, Data Liaisons will be able to design maps, create data visualizations for digital outreach, highlight community issues, create surveys and map the data to build innovative, informative, and strategic resources to advocate for their community.

Each Neighborhood Council can appoint one to three Data Liaisons. This learning path requires a higher level of computer skills and having a laptop or desktop computer is highly recommended. Additionally, some of the ArcGIS resources shared may only be available in English.

Westside Regional Alliance of Councils (WRAC)

WRAC Land Use and Planning Committee (WRAC LUPC)

WRAC Homelessness Committee (HOC)

WRAC Transportation Committee (MTC)

WRAC is a cooperative regional coalition of councils, made up of 14 neighborhood and community councils on the Westside of Los Angeles. WRAC meets regularly each month to discuss matters of regional interest. They address major issues that impact the Westside, and ask Member councils to consider positions that are recommended by the board. When a consensus emerges (as reflected by an affirming vote of a majority of its Member councils), WRAC adopts the position and expresses it to local lawmakers, elected officials, and decision-makers. From time to time, they host town hall meetings or community forums to address important issues that affect residents across the Westside, with the broad-based involvement and input of community stakeholders.

Our leadership board is made up of neighborhood and community council chairs/presidents or appointed representatives, who come together on a volunteer basis to consider these important issues.  Representatives are appointed by the respective Member councils – each council appoints a primary and an alternate representative to the WRAC board.

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