Join us at Mar Vista Rec for our Board of Director's Meeting

Posted on 09/18/2023

MVCC Board of Directors Meeting- Your Attendance is Welcome

Wednesday, Sept. 20


Mar Vista Rec Center

11430 Woodbine St, Los Angeles, CA 90066

12.1. [Policy] [PLUM] - Convenience Store/Gas Station Application to sell beer and wine, 2876 S. Bundy Dr. - Discussion and possible action regarding an application for a Conditional Use Permit at 2876 S. Bundy Dr. Los Angeles, CA 90064 to allow the sale of beer and wine for off-site consumption only; with the hours of operation being 24 hours per day, seven days a week, and alcohol sales from 6:00 am to 12:00 am, seven days a week. Expand the existing convenience store by remodeling the existing auto repair shop single story building, addition of a new mezzanine. upgrade exterior of building with new storefront and finishes. remodel interior for new convenience store layout. (e) parking, trash enclosure, fuel stations, canopy, driveway entries, and landscaping to remain. [Project Plans Link] [Application Link] [Zimas File Link] View link on digital agenda found here:

12.2. [Policy] [PHS & Homeless] - Therapeutic Van Pilot Program - Discussion and possible action regarding a motion for Feasibility Study Regarding the Establishment of the Therapeutic Van Pilot Program for the Mar Vista Area.

12.3. [Policy] [PLUM] [WRAC] - Metro TCN Project - Discussion and potential action regarding a Request to Refer Metro TCN to City Council Transportation Committee & LADOT.

13.1. [Funding - NPG] [PH&S] Hilltop Emergency Response Organization (HERO) - Discussion and possible action regarding a Neighborhood Purpose Grant for $4,899 for HERO to acquire Life Support equipment and supplies for use by HERO's EMTs, RNs and MD to provide pre-hospital care for injured Hilltop residents. 

Posted on 09/18/2023

Mar Vista Community Council at Farmers Market

Posted on 08/22/2023

We had a fun day at the Mar Vista's Farmers Market last week. Although it was warm, the crowds were present and At-Large Director April Peterson met many members of our community. 



Posted on 08/14/2023

Last week, LAPD Senior Lead Officers- Adrian Acosta and Karwon Villery provided a crime update with a question-and-answer session. The meeting was well attended and included four residents who were victims of burglaries and one home invasion. The meeting shed light on Mar Vista's troubling position with an 8% increase in property crime and 33% increase in violent crimes. There were 23 burglary reports in Mar Vista in December—more than the 22 incidents in the previous three months combined.


Mar Vista is considered a soft target in this alarming scenario. “Soft target” means that most homes have dual wage earners. As such, these incidents predominantly occur between 12PM and 6 PM, strategically coinciding with when homeowners are at work or picking up their children. Also, nicer and larger homes indicate more disposable income and a better probability of obtaining valuables. Notably, a group of individuals from Arcadia have been responsible for carrying out many of these burglaries.


Of particular concern is the fact that despite being apprehended in March and April, these individuals were subsequently released in May due to policy changes within the District Attorney’s Office. This unfortunate development has led to a recent surge in home invasions. According to LAPD, the statistics reveal a distressing 76% increase in burglary cases within the Mar Vista region.


It's important to note that the modus operandi of these individuals often involves targeting garages for entry when garages provide access to the house. This highlights the urgent need for community awareness and vigilance in safeguarding our homes and properties. 


Generally speaking, the officers suggested that residents be mindful of strangers/strange vehicles in their neighborhood and report suspicious activity to 911, not websites like Nextdoor, as LAPD does not monitor Nextdoor and a crime reported on Nextdoor is essentially a non-event. How you report what you see is important. By stating to the 911 operator that you observed suspicious activity, you provide officers with grounds to search a vehicle or person. Simply stating that you see a stranger will not provide them the grounds for a search. 


The officers also suggested that you get to know your neighbors and when they typically are at work or on vacation so you can report something suspicious on their behalf. It’s up to the community to work together. Lastly, they suggested that residential blocks organize Neighborhood Watch programs as it’s an effective way to prevent these property crimes. More information can be obtained here: (


LAPD has committed to holding more meetings for the Mar Vista Community Council ("MVCC") PHS & Homeless Committee. You can find out when the meetings are held by Signing up ( u=21ac64fde1e38ef12127390ac&id=f0971c029d) for the MVCC weekly newsletter.

Our Senior Lead is:


CELL: 310-622-3973

Posted on 08/14/2023


Posted on 08/14/2023

Mar Vista continues to see an uptick in burglaries in 2023. 
The most recent ones are as follows:

May 26th at 8 pm  •. 11800 block of Allaseba Dr, garage burglary.  

May 27th at 3 pm  •. 12000 block of Thermo St.  

May 27th at 8 pm  •. 11900 block of Lawler St.

June 1st at 6 PM  •. 3100 block of Purdue Ave.

According to LAPD, these burglaries involve crews of three individuals,
one as the look out while the other two enter the house, usually through the back. 

Pacific Division has formed a special burglary task force to address the increase in burglaries.

If you notice suspicious persons and vehicles, please call the 1877 ASK-LAPD
non-emergency number or if you see a crime in progress, call 911.

The patrol on duty will be notified. If you have video of suspicious persons or vehicles, you may send them to Det. J Twycross at (


For non-emergency concerns, contact Senior Lead Officer, Karwon Villery at 310 622-3973 or (

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