Public Health and Safety Committee

June is National Safety Month!

Each week throughout the month is an opportunity to make a difference in your home, work, and community. Identifying risks and making improvements, no matter how small helps everyone. Water safety tips and drills are timely with weather warming up. The allure of water in a swimming pool, pond, or even a garden hose can present a life-threatening danger. Hold drills at home to help children know what to do in the even of a fire, medical event, or a natural disaster. Put together a first aid kit with your child and show them how to use each item. Take a CPR class. Learn the proper storage and disposal of medications. Visit the National Safety Council for tips and resources. 


The mission of the Public Health and Safety Committee is to assist stakeholders in elevating the quality of life, enhancing safety, and improving emergency preparedness within the community. The committee does this by encouraging personal responsibility and through cooperation with public and private-sector agencies having jurisdiction over the community.


This committee meets monthly, and may hold additional meetings. All attending Stakeholders are voting members of the committee. The public is welcome to make comment during the Public Comment period. Check our Calendar for meeting days/times and the agenda. There will only be a meeting if an agenda has been posted 72 hours beforehand.

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