Holly Tilson

Ms. Tilson is Director of Zone 6 and currently serves as MVCC Treasurer and is a representative for Budget Advocates.

My name is Holly Tilson. I was elected as your Zone 6 Director in June 2016. I lived for 10 years in a high-density neighborhood before moving to Mar Vista in 1985. I value our small slice of low density. I value green space. I value family friendly. I value knowing many of my neighbors. I value quality educational opportunities in our neighborhood schools. I value working together for the common good of the area. I value honesty and open communication. I value my house as a home, not an investment. I value volunteers and community involvement. My goal was making communications a priority, Keeping Zone 6 residents aware of changes that are coming, so your voice can be heard. I am trying my best and striving to do more. Only by working together can we have some influence on how our community will be shaped for years to come.

As an MVCC Board Member, I am also the MVCC Treasurer and serve on the Airport Committee LAX + SMO, By-laws Committee
, and Historic FS62 Committee.

The MVCC offers “Coffee Time” with the Zone Directors. If you would like a meeting just contact me and we can set it up. If you have an issue or an idea that needs to be explored, bring it with you, I’ll bring the coffee.

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