Join Our Remote Meetings

All MVCC meetings, whether remote or in-person, are always open to the public for participation. In fact, we encourage it. Be sure to invite family, firends, and neighbors to join too.

In a few simplet setps you will be able to join any of our remote meetings.


You only need to install the application once to join any meeting. You're encouraged to install the application early and become familiar with the interface before joining your first meeting.

Please note that once you join a meeting, all participants will be able to see and hear everything within your device's camera and microphone range. All meetings are recorded. Any MVCC meeting may be recorded by clicking on the "Record" button at the bottom of the meeting window.


If you prefer, you may join via phone by calling one of the following numbers:

    • 720-707-2699
    • 346-248-7799
    • 646-558-8656
    • 253-215-8782
    • 301-715-8562
    • 213-626-6799
    • 833-548-0282
    • 888-475-4499
    • 877-853-5257
    • 833-548-0276

When prompted, enter the corresponding Meeting ID number (listed below) of the committee meeting you wish to join. To raise your hand to speak, press *9 (star 9) on your phone. Further instructions may be found here.


Please mut your microphone when not speaking. Also, please use the "Raise Hand" feature to be recognized. Both features are accessible by clicking on the Participants Icon at the bottom of the screen. A sidebar will appear on the right hand side that will have three buttons below the list of Participants. The first is for a way to invite others to join. The second is to mute/unmute your microphone, and the third is to raise/lower your hand to be recognized for speaing.

REMOTE MEETINGS & WEBINARS - Click on committee name to join meeting or Webinar*

*No regitration is required to join either a meeting or Webinar.

You do NOT have to provide your email address to join. Simply leave request box blank and continue.

The MVCC Remote Meeting Calendar (below) is to provide direct links to join a remote meeting. It may show meetings that have been cancelled. Please double-check MVCC's Official Calendar to ensure a meeting will take place. If, within 72 hours, a meeting agenda has been posted on the Official Calendar, the meeting will take place. Thank you for understanding.


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