PHS & Homeless


To promote stakeholder input concerning homeless issues in our community. The Committee encourages involvement, provides relevant information and resources, acts as advocate and liaison, and supports viable and equitable solutions. Our goal is to decrease the number of homeless people on the streets of Mar Vista by 20% every year over the next five years.

The Committee also keeps a record of the current 2022-2023 Encampment Count and previous years.

A Statement from the 2020-2021 Chairs: We reject "us versus them", "good versus bad", NIMBY versus YIMBY" rhetoric. We respect differences of opinion and recognize our housed and unhoused neighbors have valid concerns. We foster informed discussion of issues and potential solutions to further our common goal of improving quality of life for all of Mar Vista.


This committee meets monthly, and may hold additional meetings. All attending Stakeholders are voting members of the committee. The public is welcome to make comment during the Public Comment period. Check our Calendar for meeting days/times and the agenda. There will only be a meeting if an agenda has been posted 72 hours beforehand.

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Regular Meeting Times and Locations

Mar Vista Community Council committee meetings have now resumed as in-person gatherings. 

All committee meetings are held at their regular day of the month and time unless notified otherwise. 


Windward School

11350 Palms Blvd

Room 410

Los Angeles, CA 90066

Stakeholders are advised to use the vehicle entrance off of Sawtelle

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