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At the end of March 2022 and begining of April 2022, the MVCC distributed nearly 24,000 printed newsletters to stakeholders within Mar Vista. Did you receive one?

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Weekly Roundup

As the use of email has grown, stakeholders were unsubscribing to the council's email notifications of upcoming meetings and events. This lead to the Weekly Roundup, an expansion and replacement of multiple weekly emails to one email per week. Not only does it provide links to agendas for that week's meetings, it also informs stakeholders about issues that current committees believe stakeholders show be aware.

With the use of media applications, it was determined that the best time to email Mar Vista stakeholders was every Tuesday around 10am. 

The design changes periodically to best showcase the information. For example, the 2021 election used a template that made the election front and center, emphasising important dates and information necessary for stakeholders to apply for a ballot and vote.

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Below are links to the most recent editions:

Newsletter & Mailer Library

In May 2021, history was made when the MVCC mailed an election mailer to every address within the Mar Vista boundaries for the first time. The mailer informed stakeholders of the upcoming June 8, 2021 Vote-By-Mail only election.

Geo-targeting code was contracted for the ability to deliver mail to every single-family and multi-family units, trailers, and businesses. This coding is available to all future boards for mailing. The post office creates a new list on the 15th of every month and requires a new list be purchased each time a mailing is desired. 


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